206: Tweeting Teens

A poem inspired by a solo dining experience   Type Shovel Swallow. Anything not to be here. Come with me, I don't want to be alone. Anything not to be seen. Moving among the mirrors, Looking anywhere that isn't real. Reflections just soften the blow Of landing in what can't be changed. But there is... Continue Reading →


203: Times The Universe Was Oddly Satisfying

I've got posts about crystals and poetry in the drafts folder but here's something that made me oh so satisfied. I think you'll like it too. And if you want to take it to a spiritual level, you can use these little coincidences and perfections as a reminder that life is beautiful, chaos is balanced... Continue Reading →

192: Something Magical

There's something magical about poetry. Everytime you don't write it down, it happens to be the best. And and then sometimes when you do, it just comes out like a jumble of crashing waves. It always comes to you when you're just not quite ready and some of us even have to drag it back... Continue Reading →

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