190: Post-Occupancy Analysis – Montreal

I've been on North American soil for exactly a month today. After leaving my home of one year in Madrid, I haven't stopped traveling for more than a few days, bouncing between Connecticut, Washington DC, New York City, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Ottawa, and finally Montreal. This last stop has really charmed me and now that I've... Continue Reading →


119: One Job Could Change My Life

Three Steps I don't want this architecture degree, the $60,000 debt and 90 hour weeks just so I can get the job that will change my life. No. I want the job that will change their lives. Why am I scared to admit the truth? I want to change the world! They get nervous when... Continue Reading →

Day 74: If I Ruled The World

Architects! Who needs 'em? No one really. That is, if we just want structures that stand alone and do nothing to improve our quality of life. Engineers and property developers have had the American economy by the balls with an increasingly tighter grip, eschewing those crazy designers on the pretense that it's just not economical... Continue Reading →

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