120: Activating Creativity & Wisdom

The flow of energy up the spine from the root to the brain where consciousness lives must first cross the bridge from the heart to the head. This makes the throat an incredible touch stone of power and creativity. Opening the flow of energy here allows us to move between the physical and nonphysical and express what we make of that eternal oscillation. Speaking our truths is the quickest way to spread our innate divine light and share our gifts with the world. I invite you to experience this meditation to affirm your power to do just that…


Next, you are invited to use the power to speak your truth to communicate with your inner wisdom and make the flow of life balanced between the physical and eternal. Some of us are born with the third eye open and it guides us through challenges effortlessly until our lives and loves teach us fear and separation and this chakra closes up. We all have the ability to strengthen the flow of energy through the space in the front of our brains, between our two physical eyes, and I would like to share a process taught to me by renowned intuitive author, Sofia

1. Come back to the present moment and feel it. Set the intention to be receptive and notice how the “right-wrong” paradigm is dualistic and biased. Choose to receive information about what’s true for you instead of what’s right.

2. What can you see? Shift your attention to diffuse and immersed instead of narrow and focused. This is called Open Focus and activates synchronous brain waves which scientists have connected to a state of well-being and flow.

3. What are you afraid of in this situation? Acknowledge fears and name them as they rise up. Continue to answer the question until they stop flowing, and they will. Realize that all fear comes from the misconception that you are a discrete entity, separated from the rest of the universe.

4. Trust that intuition is always with you and your inner wisdom will speak in a way that physically feels relaxed and true. Once you’ve become detached from the idea of a “correct” answer, your inner wisdom will speak in a way unique to you.

Intuition comes alive when we listen deeply. (1) Today in the stillness of meditation as we quietly listen, we awaken and invite a powerful shift into our lives. (2) The fog of confusion begins to clear, we can see where we are going, and discover our true purpose. It is easier to make decisions when we have comprehensive vision—when we can trust ourselves and the universe. (3) Our meditation today will align us with this ever-present source, lighting our path each step of the way. (4)    -Deepak Chopra


Day 69: Something Special Has Sprung…

SPRING has sprung, silly!

You and your dirty mind had to go and get all imaginative. What do you think this is, a blog about creativity? …For crackers’ sake!

So, anyway, have you beautiful friends of mine been to the gorgeous city of Madrid yet? If you have, I bet you made it to Parque del Retiro, it’s one of the busiest places in the city, and with good reason too! I’m always amazed at the coexisting Madrileños and tourists as I wander among the fountains, peacocks, and palaces. I have logged countless hours in this park and I am sure there is still more to discover.

Here is a series of snapshots to bring some spring into your day and to offer a bit of travel inspiration if you haven’t made it to the shores of El Estanque de Retiro yet.

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What’s Mother Earth doing where you are? Have your trees been graced with their first colorful blossoms yet? Have the robins arrived? Are your gardens full of the pregnant promises of flowery friends? Which “Spring Thing” do you love the most?

Mine is — by far — the chance to sit in the sun, sleeveless and sweaty, in a Spanish plaza while drinking something cool.

Here’s a spring song I cannot stop listening to:

Also, sorry to the Southern Hemisphere, hope you guys don’t feel marginalized, Autumn is cool too. Go rake some leaves.