Day 91: The Biggest Missing Piece

  This is an amazingly powerful video in which one very articulate and compassionate man asks an authority on the Universal Law of Attraction how so many people can be suffering if what she teaches is true. I think everyone can relate to the questions he seeks answers to and the response this teacher provides... Continue Reading →


Day 80: The Next Level

We have a house guest. He is a young American who's been traveling the world for the last six months and has appeared on our couch for a few days. Somehow, despite our love of visiting new places and photography we have very little in common and I was not sympathetic to his stories about... Continue Reading →

Day 79: Dear Duality, An Equinox Poem

Happy Equinox, friends! In many cultures this day of perfectly balanced sunlight and moonlight is considered the beginning of not only Spring, but the New Year as well! Since shedding my friends, cultures, and lovers in the move to Spain, I have found myself more in touch with Nature and her cycles than ever before.... Continue Reading →

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