Day 98: An Update

So exactly 100 days ago, I had this moment where the words “The Sacred Architecture of the Here and Now” floated through my brain. I was lying in bed and I paused whatever I was doing to write it down and that was the moment this blog was born. The blog wasn’t an idea I was stoked on from the beginning, though, it felt narcissistic and like a bandwagon I had been taught not to buy into.

We're all like cats jumping on the Swifer ride of life!

We’re all like cats on the Swifer ride of life, “No time to explain, quick, jump on!”

Luckily my little ego got out-shouted by my divine intuition and the idea for a post-a-day 365 Day Creativity Challenge was not long coming. You see, I was working on raising my throat chakra vibration pretty intensely since moving to a new country and using a new language had forced me to confront my frustrating inability to communicate well. I had developed excellent public speaking skills and found the English language rife with lovely vocabulary with which I separated myself from my peers but I still found myself communicating things I really hadn’t intended.

The Creativity Challenge this blog hosts every day has been about exercising my communication muscles (which are found in more than just the mouth and throat where the fifth chakra lies) in an effort to find my flow and join the mass of functioning humans who say what they mean and mean what they say. This blog has been a continuous affirmation to myself and the hard work I do every day to raise myself up ever closer to my higher self. It has brought me affirmations from the Universe that I’m on the right path, and it has given me a reason to communicate with Nature daily in a way that I know has already affected my ability to communicate with other human beings.

I’ve always been outspoken, but not in a skillful sense. I’ve always called myself creative, but not in an artistic sense. I’ve always found myself spiritual, but not in a “God” sense. All of these half truths have changed in only 100 days, and I’m so blessed to have found this path on which we are walking together.

In 98 days our bond has grown 183 people strong and the vibrations in our community have resonated amongst us more than 500 times. This is a real thing. This is happening. Thank you for being a part of The Sacred Architecture of the Here and Now.

Namaste ♥

Whaaat? Veronica, this was so cool and then you went all sanskrit on us with that silly word and now we’re lost! Okay sorry, guys, but there just isn’t an English word for what I want to say! Here’s a translation and I hope you will permit me to sprinkle it around my postings here on out now that you love it as much as I do…

“In India when we meet and part we often say, ‘Namaste,’ which means I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”    – Ram Dass


Day 95: A Hard One

that's called gratitude

that’s called gratitude

This is all I’ve got for the creativity challenge today; a little blog post about the only positivity I can summon. The unprecedented roller coaster ups and downs in my day were extraordinary even compared to the emotional intensity I’m used to from being an HSP. At least I’m grateful to be here, alive, to be given a “today” to think was hard.

I don’t know what to think about it so I’m just going to chalk it up to energy I’ve received from the heightened vibrations happening in, on and around Mother Earth these days because of the Cardinal Grand Cross lining up in the sky. Its effect will be felt from January to July but the perfect alignment of four planets will happen April 23rd and I certainly feel it coming closer.

Day 84: I Am An Intuitionist

This is the image that lead me to a beautiful new spiritual experience. See below for details!

This image of Archangel Uriel lead me to a beautiful new experience. See the bottom for details!

I Am An Intuitionist

I am not a Fill in the Blank.
I am not a Religion.
I am a Veronica.
I am an Intuitionist.

I use the name God
but I am not a Christian.
I pray to Lord Ganesha
but I am not a Hindu.

I quote the Buddha
but I am no Buddhist.
I speak about The Way
but I am no Taoist.

I’ve found it’s more fun this way
and I feel neither lonely nor confused
because when I am nothing and everything
there is no vocabulary to separate us.

Before I came along,
no one had ever lived this life.
So how can there already be a book
a perfect guide by which to live it?

There are many scriptures which resonate inside me
like memories sung by my choirs of ancestors;
as I write them down in my bible
my spirit dances the pages to life.

My intuition is the voice of God,
Shiva and Shakti dance to my heartbeat,
and borne up on angels’ wings
the Buddha cradles me in his lap.

When I pray I ask every one of the energies
that have ever been or will ever be
to surround me with their healing grace,
because I am just too humble to call them by name.

If you smell the stars and taste the clouds,
if the voice of God enters you on the wings of bird song
and the sky changes colors in response to your gratitude,
you are an Intuitionist, and I thank you for being.


Namaste ♥


The Equinox vibrations are still strong and the New Moon on Sunday promises to bring even more light into the reach of those who seek it. Please enjoy this beautiful meditation I found today; it touched something new, deep inside me and it is worth fifteen minutes of your time. Try listening to it lying down with your palms facing up and feel the uplifting energy surround you! Click here to enjoy a transcendental experience that is accessible to any and all human beings, regardless of experience or religion. It gave birth to this poem. Enjoy!