Day 92: Understanding Fear

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (c) VA

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (c) VA

I love this affirmation because it speaks about not just fear but the nature of understanding. Our minds are like great flashlights and the power of our awareness is like shining them on any given topic to illuminate it with the entire power of our consciousness. Looking deeply is a powerful thing, a skill we can use for bad or for good in any area of our lives. It is a skill we use unconsciously (worry) and one we can use consciously (meditation) and both have the power to shape our lives (Universal Law of Attraction).

In the case of fear, we can use our powerful awareness to support its power over us, choosing to be aware of the repercussions of fear, or we can shine our awareness on the root of fear and see that it goes deeper than the mental formation called “fear” that stems from limiting beliefs and ego-driven habits. Understanding the root of our fear shows us our strengths and weaknesses and transports us to a new level of growth through the process of initiation.

Be grateful for your fears, for they are truly your greatest gifts. Be sure to treat them as such! ♥


Day 89: A Love Note To The Sky

Querido Cielo,

In Spanish it’s common to use the word “cielo” instead of “dear” or “love.” It means “sky” but it’s used in the same sense as we use “honey” and it has an even lovelier significance. You are my sky: the space to which I look for inspiration, comfort, and joy. You are the thing that is actually a place. You are the place that appears far away, but from which I am never separate. Nothing can change that, ever. I hope to always, in every moment act in full awareness of that truth and promise to become better at it every day in exchange for your eternally patient understanding. Thank you for being.

Your Lover,

¿Sí, cielo?

¿Sí, cielo?

Day 85: Everything Happens For A Reason?



Que será, será: what will be, will be. Do I believe in fate or do I control my own destiny? Well shucks, can’t I choose both, Daily Prompt? Of course this would be your topic today; I’ve been thinking about how to write about this subject for the last week, ever since a friend asked me what I thought about the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” Seems like today’s the day.

Actually this was the thought that changed everything for me, it was my point of no return. Instead of using it as an excuse to check out of my life, this phrase woke me up. The fact that I don’t know where the idea came from before it rooted in my consciousness makes me sure that it’s a good one.

When we admit that everything happens for a reason several things happen:

We have faith in a greater power outside of us that has a better understanding of what’s ultimately good for us and the entire human race.

We let go of the need to know and control everything in life and acknowledge that we are co-creators with God.

We open up to the possibility of learning new things in unexpected ways and gaining perspective that changes our understanding of the world.

Most importantly, believing that everything happens for a reason comes in a handy little combo-pack with the understanding that challenges and problems aren’t there just to make us feel like victims. In this mindset we know that they play roles in our lives that are equally important as our successes and achievements.

This is faith, gratitude and compassion in action. Instead of going to a place of self-deprecation, anger, and sadness when we miss the train, the belief that everything happens for a reason can help us choose equanimity and peace. Because it encompasses so many different spiritual practices, this mantra is one of my best tools for staying in the present moment where I am grounded in the love of the Universe. I hope you’ll give it a shot.