203: Times The Universe Was Oddly Satisfying

I've got posts about crystals and poetry in the drafts folder but here's something that made me oh so satisfied. I think you'll like it too. And if you want to take it to a spiritual level, you can use these little coincidences and perfections as a reminder that life is beautiful, chaos is balanced... Continue Reading →


Day 73: The Body Is A Brilliant Disguise

The word "I" is an abstraction, it is a brilliant disguise. All words are abstractions. Here's a TED talk to prove it. But you didn't need me or that cute Indian man, to tell you that, it's something you know deep inside. But as I've come to realize recently, there's a difference between knowing and... Continue Reading →

Day 9: How To Eat The Perfect Salad

Step 1: Take everything out of the fridge. Spread it all over the counter, organize it however the fuck you like, gather ingredients that are balanced in color and flavor. Step 2a: Turn on the faucet so a trickle of cold water graces your kitchen with its life-giving presence. Step 2b: Wash each leaf of... Continue Reading →

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