192: Something Magical

There's something magical about poetry. Everytime you don't write it down, it happens to be the best. And and then sometimes when you do, it just comes out like a jumble of crashing waves. It always comes to you when you're just not quite ready and some of us even have to drag it back... Continue Reading →


190: Post-Occupancy Analysis – Montreal

I've been on North American soil for exactly a month today. After leaving my home of one year in Madrid, I haven't stopped traveling for more than a few days, bouncing between Connecticut, Washington DC, New York City, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Ottawa, and finally Montreal. This last stop has really charmed me and now that I've... Continue Reading →

Day 82: Link List – Soulful SUNday

Life is really funny. The things we feel come at the worst times, the stuff that challenges us the most, the ways we get pushed out of our comfort zone: ultimately they were exactly what we needed at the time but our perspectives somehow kept us from appreciating that. Why is it so hard to... Continue Reading →

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