120: Activating Creativity & Wisdom

The flow of energy up the spine from the root to the brain where consciousness lives must first cross the bridge from the heart to the head. This makes the throat an incredible touch stone of power and creativity. Opening the flow of energy here allows us to move between the physical and nonphysical and express what we make of that eternal oscillation. Speaking our truths is the quickest way to spread our innate divine light and share our gifts with the world. I invite you to experience this meditation to affirm your power to do just that…


Next, you are invited to use the power to speak your truth to communicate with your inner wisdom and make the flow of life balanced between the physical and eternal. Some of us are born with the third eye open and it guides us through challenges effortlessly until our lives and loves teach us fear and separation and this chakra closes up. We all have the ability to strengthen the flow of energy through the space in the front of our brains, between our two physical eyes, and I would like to share a process taught to me by renowned intuitive author, Sofia

1. Come back to the present moment and feel it. Set the intention to be receptive and notice how the “right-wrong” paradigm is dualistic and biased. Choose to receive information about what’s true for you instead of what’s right.

2. What can you see? Shift your attention to diffuse and immersed instead of narrow and focused. This is called Open Focus and activates synchronous brain waves which scientists have connected to a state of well-being and flow.

3. What are you afraid of in this situation? Acknowledge fears and name them as they rise up. Continue to answer the question until they stop flowing, and they will. Realize that all fear comes from the misconception that you are a discrete entity, separated from the rest of the universe.

4. Trust that intuition is always with you and your inner wisdom will speak in a way that physically feels relaxed and true. Once you’ve become detached from the idea of a “correct” answer, your inner wisdom will speak in a way unique to you.

Intuition comes alive when we listen deeply. (1) Today in the stillness of meditation as we quietly listen, we awaken and invite a powerful shift into our lives. (2) The fog of confusion begins to clear, we can see where we are going, and discover our true purpose. It is easier to make decisions when we have comprehensive vision—when we can trust ourselves and the universe. (3) Our meditation today will align us with this ever-present source, lighting our path each step of the way. (4)    -Deepak Chopra


Day 90: Empaths Unite!

The word “empath” is one I’ve had to train my Firefox dictionary to recognize… which I think is a magnificent metaphor for the process I’ve been navigating over the last three months of self-training. I didn’t realize at the beginning of this 365 Day Creativity Challenge that I would be getting to know myself so much better but here I am, able to form better relationships, tune into positive energy more quickly, and I have more faith that challenges will bring growth at the right moments. Continue reading

Day 54: Biological Sustainability

Bruce Lipton interview about The Biolology of Belief

We aren’t victims of genetics, release that idea and reclaim your freedom, this interview explains how. Put a stem cell in a dish, leave it alone, it will reproduce, exponentially creating exact copies of itself. Take these identical copies, place them in three different environments and you’ll get three different materials. What does that mean? Because they are made up of cells, our genes are defined by the environment they’re placed in. The cells in our body are changeable; more so in the first six years of our lives but also later in life after their programming has been finished.

The chemistry of protection contrasts with the chemistry of growth. If your blood is constantly pumping to support the energy of “fight or flight” — AKA that shitty feeling you get when you’re stressed and don’t know how to slow down or relax — what kind of environment do you think your cells are being enveloped in? In contrast, highly oxygenated blood filled with endorphins and other love chemicals will support healthy cells more readily. That’s science.

Evolution is based on community and cooperation; a body has 50 trillion cells and it only functions well when they live in harmony with each other. Now we’re finding out that humans are just like cells in a whole body called humanity. Science is witnessing the evolution of the human race into a new organism similar to the unprecedented period of evolution experienced when the first single-celled organisms joined together to form multi-cellular beings two billion years ago.

Also, quantum physics? Damn, that’s some exciting science! (No, really though.)

So, I’m in love with this interview, I haven’t ever seen one with so much concise, relevant information. It’s a bit hard to take in all at once, I suggest fifteen minute segments in order for you to really internalize the magic.

Have you read Lipton’s books or anything similar? What do you think about the closing gap between science and spirituality? What’s more exciting, becoming more conscious or eating freshly baked cookies?