120: Activating Creativity & Wisdom

The flow of energy up the spine from the root to the brain where consciousness lives must first cross the bridge from the heart to the head. This makes the throat an incredible touch stone of power and creativity. Opening the flow of energy here allows us to move between the physical and nonphysical and... Continue Reading →


Day 90: Empaths Unite!

The word "empath" is one I've had to train my Firefox dictionary to recognize... which I think is a magnificent metaphor for the process I've been navigating over the last three months of self-training. I didn't realize at the beginning of this 365 Day Creativity Challenge that I would be getting to know myself so... Continue Reading →

Day 54: Biological Sustainability

Bruce Lipton interview about The Biolology of Belief We aren't victims of genetics, release that idea and reclaim your freedom, this interview explains how. Put a stem cell in a dish, leave it alone, it will reproduce, exponentially creating exact copies of itself. Take these identical copies, place them in three different environments and you'll... Continue Reading →

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