163: Reflections On Choice, Change & Intuition

Perfect stillness comes from the acceptance of perfect truth. In the last nine months living in Madrid I've learned to do some things pretty well like speaking Spanish, making soup and teaching high school students. When I went to Peru at the end of 2012 I didn't know I was going to meet the girl-angel... Continue Reading →


Day 90: Empaths Unite!

The word "empath" is one I've had to train my Firefox dictionary to recognize... which I think is a magnificent metaphor for the process I've been navigating over the last three months of self-training. I didn't realize at the beginning of this 365 Day Creativity Challenge that I would be getting to know myself so... Continue Reading →

I made one of these things on purpose, I made one of them by accident, and one of them made me. ♥ Do you ever talk to yourself? When? How? What is said?

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