Day 91: The Biggest Missing Piece

  This is an amazingly powerful video in which one very articulate and compassionate man asks an authority on the Universal Law of Attraction how so many people can be suffering if what she teaches is true. I think everyone can relate to the questions he seeks answers to and the response this teacher provides... Continue Reading →


Day 84: I Am An Intuitionist

I Am An Intuitionist I am not a Fill in the Blank. I am not a Religion. I am a Veronica. I am an Intuitionist. I use the name God but I am not a Christian. I pray to Lord Ganesha but I am not a Hindu. I quote the Buddha but I am no... Continue Reading →

Day 77: A Second Chakra Prayer

May I be as receptive as water. May I flow with the fluctuations and changes life brings, letting go to embrace growth through change. May I gain power and momentum as change awakens consciousness and polarities within create movement without. May I find surrender through pleasure and release all tensions to heal the balance between... Continue Reading →

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