Day 91: The Biggest Missing Piece


This is an amazingly powerful video in which one very articulate and compassionate man asks an authority on the Universal Law of Attraction how so many people can be suffering if what she teaches is true. I think everyone can relate to the questions he seeks answers to and the response this teacher provides sheds light on the biggest missing piece of the puzzle the global community is living right now, in this moment.

I hope you enjoy this love-filled chat about choice and perspective and that you feel its depth, regardless of how closely it matches the perspective from which you live your life. It’s one of the most honest encounters I’ve ever witnessed and both people behave like the divine messengers we all are. It is an inspiration to behold. The whole thing is worth a watch but if you just want a taste, skip to 14:30.


Day 84: I Am An Intuitionist

This is the image that lead me to a beautiful new spiritual experience. See below for details!

This image of Archangel Uriel lead me to a beautiful new experience. See the bottom for details!

I Am An Intuitionist

I am not a Fill in the Blank.
I am not a Religion.
I am a Veronica.
I am an Intuitionist.

I use the name God
but I am not a Christian.
I pray to Lord Ganesha
but I am not a Hindu.

I quote the Buddha
but I am no Buddhist.
I speak about The Way
but I am no Taoist.

I’ve found it’s more fun this way
and I feel neither lonely nor confused
because when I am nothing and everything
there is no vocabulary to separate us.

Before I came along,
no one had ever lived this life.
So how can there already be a book
a perfect guide by which to live it?

There are many scriptures which resonate inside me
like memories sung by my choirs of ancestors;
as I write them down in my bible
my spirit dances the pages to life.

My intuition is the voice of God,
Shiva and Shakti dance to my heartbeat,
and borne up on angels’ wings
the Buddha cradles me in his lap.

When I pray I ask every one of the energies
that have ever been or will ever be
to surround me with their healing grace,
because I am just too humble to call them by name.

If you smell the stars and taste the clouds,
if the voice of God enters you on the wings of bird song
and the sky changes colors in response to your gratitude,
you are an Intuitionist, and I thank you for being.


Namaste ♥


The Equinox vibrations are still strong and the New Moon on Sunday promises to bring even more light into the reach of those who seek it. Please enjoy this beautiful meditation I found today; it touched something new, deep inside me and it is worth fifteen minutes of your time. Try listening to it lying down with your palms facing up and feel the uplifting energy surround you! Click here to enjoy a transcendental experience that is accessible to any and all human beings, regardless of experience or religion. It gave birth to this poem. Enjoy!

Day 77: A Second Chakra Prayer

May I be as receptive as water.

May I flow with the fluctuations and changes life brings, letting go to embrace growth through change.

May I gain power and momentum as change awakens consciousness and polarities within create movement without.

May I find surrender through pleasure and release all tensions to heal the balance between my mind and body.

May I be liberated from limited consciousness by nurturing and unifying relationships with myself, others and the Universe.

May I embody the powers of the Mother Moon: to control the life-giving flow of emotions, and therefore rule the unconscious, the mysterious and unseen, the dark and the feminine.

May I move great oceans with my desires and passions, exalting in the dance of dualities but never losing my center in the seat of life: Svadhistana.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (c) VA

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (c) VA