Day 61: Nature & Architecture

I adore when architecture and nature coexist harmoniously.

This weekend I went to a small pueblo in Western Spain to figure out what this whole Carnaval fuss is about. Extremadura is known for its week-long fiestas but what captured my attention today was the pueblo’s architecture (of course) and more than once I was almost left for dead by my friends who speed-walked the tiny, winding streets while I lingered behind snapping photos.

Here are my favorites:

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the past 24 hours including: a fool-proof way to painlessly avoid conflict, how we were almost forced to sleep in the street after partying with smurfs, cows, aliens, and politicians, what chocolate, churros, a mountain and a sunrise have in common, and how I discovered just how many toddler dance troupes one Spanish pueblo can have.

And I’ll do it all in 300 words. Stay tuned.


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